What is Supernatural Showing Us Now?

Dean/Sam or Dean/Cas

So the first few seasons of Supernatural showed us that Dean’s main purpose in life is Sam. The reasons he was so watchful, the reason he needed to be a good hunter was all to protect Sam. He’d do anything for his brother without question or reason. Sam was his all. His all and end all. Sam and him against the world. That’s what Supernatural taught us about them, right? That was almost the message of the show. This unending, obsessive love that these boys had. It was second to none, it was eternal. That was Supernatural.

There has been something of a transfer of meanings over the past few episodes that I can see. And this isn’t character development, this is pure, contradictory change.

The latest episode. A lot has been said about it, and I’m not going to bash too much but the scene with Dean and Castiel in the crypt. It is such a haunting back to Swan Song. Some will disagree, but personally I saw the connection, I acknowledged it and it peaked an interest. Because what was that scene in Swan Song if not a culmination of everything Sam and Dean’s relationship stood for. What was it if not a single scene of THEIR love. And this new scene of Dean and Castiel is so similar. It’s…it’s bringing their relationship onto par with that of Sam and Dean. This isn’t some shipping argument. I’m not putting any sort of pairings in here in the sense of sexuality. But relationship wise in terms of strength, that scene has put Castiel and Dean’s relationship onto par with that of Sam and Dean’s.

And that changes the whole atmosphere of the show. When Castiel and Dean have a scene together, have some sort of relationship enhancing moment Sam has to leave. They push back a character who was once the on par most important character of this show because of this introduction of a relationship. Why? Because they neglect Sam.

Look at it this way. Why can’t Sam have scenes with Castiel? Think of seasons 4 and 5. Castiel and Sam had a brilliant friendship, it was enjoyable, it was accessible, and it wasn’t the same as the relationship with Dean. It showed a side of Castiel that Dean didn’t bring out because…well, Castiel had never really had friends, had he? So he didn’t know how to act. Dean was his charge, Sam was his friend. Just…a friend. Not a job, not a case, a friend. And it gave Castiel so much more depth almost. When Castiel only has interactions with Dean (and I mean singular, when Dean’s in the room Sam barely talks still) he seems almost one dimensional sometimes. I’m not saying Misha is a bad actor, I like his acting with what he’s been given, I’m saying the writing is bad. The writing makes it seem like all you can see of Castiel is that he is different from other angels and he’s protective, obsessively protective and connected to Dean, because, hey, the only people he really interacts with is Dean and the occasional angel.

Why can’t he connect with Sam? Because the only other time he connected with anyone else was Meg? And we all know what happened to her.

Just look at this. In Swan Song the message of that entire scene was that no-one could have what Sam and Dean had. No-one could have that connection. Notice this: When Sam and Dean had that moment in Swan Song, they were alone. Bobby was dead. Castiel had exploded. Michael had been molotoved. It was just them. Because it was almost like no-one could share in that relationship, no-one could come close to it. But, the thing is, that was a scene between the two main characters. And now with this we technically should have three main characters. But, we don’t. Because, Sam has no place in Castiel and Dean’s relationship, so if they need a moment together Sam has to leave. So the unbreakable relationship Sam and Dean had? Pretty much been negated, no, completely negated by the fact that another one has just come along.

This was a show about two brothers. Now it’s a show about who’s relationship can shout the loudest. It’s not about characters any more. It’s about ships. And it’s disheartening. The writers have…lost their integrity. The fandom barely goes a week without finding some other shit to throw at them. One moment they’re your best friends, the next moment they’re your worst enemies. Why? Because your ship didn’t get air time.

To conclude. When the writers want Castiel and Dean scenes Sam has to leave. Slowly excluding Sam from the proceedings changes the entire show. It’s not subtle, not at all. The characters are heading in directions never once thought out from the beginning, it’s…contradictory almost. It creates a new show, one that a lot of us didn’t sign up to watch.

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