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Bullying: A rant

So, my university course is, partly, on the application of Psychology to Criminology. In the seminar today my seminar professor set us an hour long mock exam with this question. 
imageIf my handwriting is hard to read it says: With reference to previous theorists, explain how children may change or adapt their life outlook to avoid being bullied.

This pissed me off, so I decided to write a four page essay starting like this.

imageAgain if my handwriting is awful it reads: It is not up to the bullied to stop being bullied. Don’t tell a child to change their outlook, beliefs or appearance because they’re being bullied. Stop the children who are victimisting. Learn to control the bully  (yes I made a mistake when writing, I was angry) rather than the expecting the victim to give into the taunts.

This is the first part of a much longer essay that I decided not to post the entirety of, but the piece was marked this afternoon and given back to me with this at the bottom.

imageOut of order? Saying children shouldn’t be bullied is out of order? I won’t go into my entire rant, because that was what it was. A rant. But here are the numbers.

These aren’t statistics. These are people.

It is not up to the victim to stop the bullying. It’s up to the criminal. Bullying is a crime, and it’s consequences stretch far wider than the bully even imagines. 

Out of order? I think not.

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    i don’t spend $7500 a semester to get told what to think. This professor can go fuck him/herself.
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    Wow, if anything your Prof was out of order with that question! “How children can adapt their life outlook to avoid...
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